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 - Network Security 
 - Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A)

 - Information Technology Contracting
 - Integrated Logistics Support

 - Functional Requirements Integration Services
 - Information Engineering Publications/Guidebooks

Network Security

Vulnerablity, Firewall, and Data Loss configuration and rules analyses ensure adequate enterprise protection from the ever increasing myriad of Internet and intranet threats. CETECH security analysts have the capability to forensics and analyze thoroughly any security breach and provide accurate corrective action. We can provide the expertise to install, design and/or maintain your network perimeter and host based defenses. 

Intrusion Detection and Prevention analysis is another aspect of network security were CETECH excels in providing world-class service to our clients. Our Engineers are familiar with all major IDS vendor and freeware packages as well as extremely adept at complex network traffic and attack identification. The Result is accurate analysis of exploits giving real alerts and pertinent corrective actions for all attack scenarios. 

Security Assessment
The security assessment capability is a comprehensive, operational audit or "snapshot" of enterprise IT security profile. Security assessments help determine what security vulnerabilities exist on the network, the source, and includes information on how to remediate specific vulnerabilities. CETECH Network Security Engineers will thoroughly investigate networks, systems and applications within scope in a structured methodology, and document findings and recommendations. The assessment should be scheduled regularly and includes the use of public, commercial, and proprietary tools in a combination of automated and manual examinations. Review and analysis from the perspective of an outside entity provides impartial third party examination required by many auditors. A detailed report provides both management and technical network administrators recommendations to mitigate threats to the network. The assessment can be in the form of penetration testing or an ongoing risk management program involving multiple scanning techniques to assess vulnerabilities.

Security Policy Development
This process assists in defining Security Policies necessary protect IT infrastructure. CETECH develops such policies in coordination with all principles through a rigorous review process providing the most significant return on investment. A Security Policy is the foundation of security outlining what assets are supported and what processes are required to protect those assets. Security Policy defines proper security procedures employees can refer to for established standards and security controls. A CETECH Security Consultant will facilitate the development and delivery of well defined, documented Security Policies based on industry standards and best practices tailored to the specific needs of your company. 

Security Architecture and Design
This capability delivers the plans and blueprints for a successful security infrastructure whether a new implementation or re-engineering of an existing security infrastructure. CETECH Security Consultants will design your Security Policy into your network security infrastructure. Based upon careful analysis of existing IT architecture and business objectives CETECH will offer a select group of technologies and options that will meet your budget, functionality, performance, interoperability and security goals. The Security Architecture is a design description of security services and systems in support of these services. The Security Architecture and Design describes how the system is put together to satisfy those security requirements. CETECH Security Consultants help comply with industry and government security requirements while leveraging IT infrastructure in the most efficient manner. 

 - Firewall configuration and rules analysis
 - Intrusion Detection and Prevention analysis
 - Analysis of exploits and recommended corrections
 - Network remote scanning to determine vulnerabilities
 - Network Penetration testing and resolution
 - Unix security training, providing Security personnel with exploit
    and corrective action information
 - Risk and Network assessments

Certification and Validation of System/Networks
 - Identification of security vulnerabilities in existing systems and networks.
 - Provide risk assessment and corrective actions for systems being migrated and
 - Assist user agency with the security certification of classified and unclassified

Information Technology Contracting
 - Procurement Program Analysis
 - Requirements Analysis
 - Development of Statements of Work
 - Proposal Development
 - Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) Support
 - Support for Administration of Contracts
 - FAR, FIRMR, DFAR, AFAR, and NARSUP Specialists
 - Procurement Training


Integrated Logistics Support
 - ILS strategy planning and development
 - Transition planning and development
 - Configuration management
 - Supply support and provisioning strategy
 - Technical data and data management
 - Personnel and training plans
 - Maintenance strategy
 - Equipment procurement and management
 - Technical documentation development
 - Repair parts and tool graphic designs
 - Acquisition Management (Military Weapon Systems)


Functional Requirements Integration Services
 - Define functional logistics users
 - Identify data elements
 - Provide functional input to data base design
 - Develop queries to access warehoused data
 - Provide functional design and development support for
    client/server and web based logistics applications
 - Perform functional test and evaluation of logistics systems


Information Engineering Publications/Guidebooks
 - Technical Publications Development:
 - Technical manuals
 - Software users guides
 - Repair parts special tools breakdowns
 - Training Documentation:
 - Users guides (software users guides)
 - Student guides
 - Instructors guides
 - Desk guides
 - Maintenance guides (Unit/Operator, Intermediate and Depot)


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